Safe and Humane Pet Euthanasia Services in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

At Park Animal Hospital, we understand the decision to euthanize a pet can be an extremely difficult one. When you have questions about your elderly, suffering, or terminally ill pet, we are here to help you evaluate their quality of life to determine the best decision for you and your loved one.

We will spend time with you long before any decision needs to be made in order to do everything possible for your pet’s quality of life. We recommend discussing your pet’s condition with our doctors before any permanent decision is made, as there are many common and basic treatments we can utilize to increase your pet’s quality of life before the problem progresses and your pet is needlessly suffering.

Each pet and circumstance requires personalized evaluation to reach an educated, informed, and supported choice that fits not only the pet’s medical condition but also the family’s wishes. A critical component to consider is not only quality of life for the pet but also for the family.

When euthanasia is determined to be the needed course of action, we will help you medically in any way that we can. We will set aside an exam room for you and your family to spend your last moments in private. This room will be for your use exclusively and you may take as much time as you would like and need with your pet. You may bring any special toy or blanket that is comforting to your pet.

Upon your arrival, we will put you and your family in your private room and complete the paperwork with you before the euthanasia. This allows us to concentrate on your pet’s needs and provides you quiet, personal time with your loved one and you are able to leave when you are ready without interruption.

For our dog and cat owners who opt to be present with the doctor when their pet is euthanatized, we will have one of our technicians take your pet temporally into our treatment area to place a catheter and administer a light sedative to relax your pet. The technician will then return your pet to you and you can take as much time as you need before our doctor administers the final injection.

We also provide euthanasia without owner’s presence. This can be handled in several ways: you may drop the pet off after addressing the necessary paperwork, or you simply might not want to be present for the procedure but wish to see the pet after the euthanasia is administered. We will do our best to provide your pet with a quick and as comfortable passing as possible no matter which option you choose.

There are several options for your pet’s remains:

  • Private Cremation (Pet cremated alone), a standard urn is provided or you may upgrade to an individualized urn for an additional fee.
  • Communal Cremation (No ashes are returned)
  • You may take your pet’s remains with you after the procedure and personally arrange for pet’s disposition.

Call us; we will guide you through the options and answer your questions to help with each step, as we understand how difficult this can be. Many of the pets we see at this stage are pets we have been tending to for many years and they feel like family to us too. We are here when you need us.

 Please call if you have any questions, at (702) 361-5850.