Dr. Vincent Cacciabaudo



Dr. Cacciabaudo grew up in the one and only garden state of New Jersey, more specifically in Hamilton township. As a young man living in the garden state he developed a strong interest in science, which he credits his middle school and high school teachers for. His love of science continued to grow and more specifically for biology, anatomy/physiology and finally medicine. While his love for science grew, so did his love for animals and so of course the perfect fit would be to become a veterinarian.

After graduating from school, Dr. Cacciabaudo made the decision to come west and practice medicine in Las Vegas (which by the way he says he loves living in Vegas because no matter what time of day he gets off work he can always find someplace to eat!) and after honing his veterinarian skills found Park Animal Hospital. As a veterinarian Dr. Cacciabaudo wants his clients to feel and know that he has always done the best of his ability to help their pets.