Welcome to Park Animal Hospital

park-animal-hospitalPark Animal Hospital opened in 1991, and we have operated under one premise: We want to see the same clients 20 years from now that we are seeing today!

We strive to provide the warmest and most knowledgeable customer service, the highest quality assistance, and state-of-the-art patient care through preventative medicine, and diagnostic and surgical procedures.

Park Animal Hospital also takes an active role in our community by working closely with many nonprofit organizations and we always have our own rescue projects going. You can see many pictures of our successful rescue projects in the Photo Gallery. We promote pet population control and adoption where possible and many of our staff are proud owners of rescue pets, which include but are by no means limited to dogs, cats, reptiles, rabbits, and rats.

With so many years of experience, our clinic also encouraged others in the veterinary field.  We often host interns and continuing education programs for the staff.  With the highest level of standards and quality of medicine we aide others to be able to achiever their dreams of helping pets.

We recognize that your pets are not just animals; they are part of your family and as your family’s doctor, we will do our best to make both you and your pet feel welcome and comfortable.

We want your family to be our family too!