Licensed Veterinary Technician- Treatment Lead

A proud graduate of the PIMA Institute Veterinary Technical Program, my journey into the world of veterinary medicine has spanned a rich and rewarding 12 years. Fueled by a genuine interest in medicine and a deep love for animals, my professional path has been characterized by dedication and compassion.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of my day is the opportunity to work directly with patients, where I engage in the essential day-to-day nursing tasks that contribute to their well-being. This hands-on approach allows me to witness the positive impact of our care on the animals we serve.

Beyond the routine, one of the joys of my profession is the ability to extend a helping hand to a diverse array of animals. Watching them recover and thrive under our care is a source of immense satisfaction and reinforces my commitment to making a difference in their lives.

Away from the veterinary clinic, my interests take a different turn. I find joy in cooking, reading and hiking which provides me with moments of relaxation and inspiration. However, the greatest joy of all comes from spending quality time with my grandchildren, creating cherished memories that add warmth and depth to my life.