Ellen Moyer

Practice Manager

I was born and raised in Wisconsin, but decided to relocate to Nevada in 1998 marking the beginning of a transformative journey in the world of veterinary medicine. I achieved an Associate Degree in Accounting from Northwest Technical College in Green Bay, Wisconsin, then in 2006, I embraced a new professional path by delving into the world of veterinary medicine. Assuming the role of a practice manager, I found my niche working diligently behind the scenes. My primary focus revolves around managing various aspects of the clinic, ensuring its seamless operation.

What fuels my passion in veterinary medicine are the countless interactions with diverse animals that grace our clinic. Engaging in conversations with clients adds an enriching dimension to my work. A testament to the vibrant workplace atmosphere is the incredible team I'm privileged to work with. Their great sense of humor not only fosters camaraderie but also injects an element of fun into our daily endeavors.

Outside the confines of the clinic, my spare time is dedicated to creating cherished memories. Camping ventures with my husband, our loyal canine companion Chuck, and extended family are treasured moments that bring joy and relaxation. Through this unique blend of professional dedication and personal pursuits, I navigate the intricate tapestry of life with enthusiasm and purpose.